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Sandy's Sauce:



'Sandy's sauce is the best sauce I have had. It has a smooth taste without burning your mouth. The taste is wonderful. It's a sauce all it's own.' - Mary Farmer Lee


'Her sauce is all I use.' - Kennyjean Yancey Clark


'Great, rich, smoky and tangy flavorful bbq sauce that adds to any meat or fish recipe. Yummy.' - Rebecca Byeseda


'Ok, I just tried her sauce super bowl weekend (stole it from my son), it's the best sauce I have ever tasted. Most are too strong, this was perfect! It was the original, loved it.' - Nann Rogers


'Awesomeness in a bottle. Yummy , smokey, tangy flavor without being overbearing.' Lisa Cole


'Sandy's Sauce Is a family sauce that all can enjoy. There's a tangy, sauce for all ages. A spicy sauce that has a kick and the rub is the bomb.' - Nancy Downs


'I'm so spoiled on Sandy's Sauce, I woudn't dream of buying any other brand!' - Sherry Rodgers


'She never sent any to me to Barbados but from what I hear I think she needs to!!!' - Joanne Pooler


'Best. Sauce. Ever.' - Molly E Skocny


'Sandy's sauce is so delicious.. I look for recipes so that I can use it all the time!' - Christy Ann Hooper


'Sandy's Sauce is awesome.' - Linda Bales


'Use it on everything! It puts the WOW in a lot of dishes.'
- Lori Stem


'Amazing that you never need to refrigerate it! So perfectly blended, there is just nothing to go bad sitting in the cabinet.....but it never gets that far at our house!'
- Jean Rodgers



'It's our families favorite sauce. I'm the only one who eats the hot version though.' - Jarrod Lee


'We use Sandy's Sauce for everything from chicken to pork we love It!!!' - Ashley Bushman


'I luv Sandy's sauce! I put it on every meat I eat! Her rubs are BOMB!!!'- Kelly Campbell


'Have had Sandy's Sauce since the 1980's, great BBQ sauce.' - Richard Terry


'Sandy's Sauce goes with anything . Put it on fast food and it's actually edible :)' - Greg Stromme


'My husband does not like any BBQ sauce but when he tasted Sandy's he loved it we use it and the rub all the time . It's awesome our favorite is the spicy.' - Michelle Priddy


'Sandy's Sauce is the very best you have got to try it! My friend Sandy makes it so therefore MIO. I know Country Mart has it.' - Linda Gibson Fuller


'Just can't thank you enough for sending me my first bottle of Sandys Sauce several years ago! Whenever I have it on the table for guests to use they try to take mine. I remind them I have cameras everywhere just to keep my Sandy's Sauce safe!' - Kandy Wyrick-Human


'Great sauce! I use it on my baby back ribs and bbq we make for caterings. Customers love it. Even keep a gallon of it at the house!' - Ron Lheureux


'Best BBQ Sauce I've ever tasted in my life. Bar none!' - Dan Howard


'Fabulous Sauce & Dry Rub!!! It's also Gluten Free' - Karla StcyrGaskins Poe


'What a fabulous balance of ingredients in your sauce. No wonder you won 'first place' for 15 consecutive years at the State Fair!' - Jonathan Biddlecombe



Original Rub

5.6oz • $5.95 + shipping

Hot & Spicy Rub

5.6oz • $5.95 + shipping

Original Sauce

18oz • $5.95 + shipping

Hot & Spicy Sauce

5.6oz • $5.95 + shipping

Original: Gallon

$25.00 + shipping

Hot & Spicy: Gallon

$25.00 + shipping

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